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Dzhamala means big party or celebration in Turkish, Macedonian, and a number of other Balkan languages. Dzhamala! Dance Ensemble's mission is to present the rich dance traditions of the Balkans and Greater Ottoman Empire, as well as to explore the fusion of traditional and contemporary music and dance in representing universal human themes that transcend time and culture.

"Cupurlika" Dzhamala! Ensemble, 2010, at SOhO Santa Barbara
Musical Arrangement: Goran Alacki ~ Choreography: Jatila van der Veen

Group Choreographies to Traditional Music

Cupurlika (Turkish/Macedonian)
Khorotig Morotig (Armenian)
Moj Mozhunika (Russian)
Dari Dari (Greek)
Pentazoli (Greek)
Mori Shej (Hungarian Roma)
Opa Cupa (Serbian Roma)

Group Choreographies to Contemporary Music

Szerelem, Szerelem - music by StellaMara of San Francisco
Voda - music by Elitsa Tudorova & Stoyan Yankelov of Sofia, Bulgaria

Solo Choreographies to Contemporary Music

Balkan Dreams - music by Harem II

As a soloist, Jatila mainly performs improvisationally, with musicians. The above choreographies were originally created for Dzhamala! Ensemble and/or the UCSB Middle East Ensemble. If you are interested in learning any, or hiring Jatila to teach your ensemble, please contact Jatila.

Dzhamala! Ensemble is always looking for new members! Contact jatila "at" jatiladance.com if you are a dancer who is interested in a fun, challenging, exciting opportunity to perform in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural setting.

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